Studies show that physical fitness enhances nearly every aspect of human function both mental and physical. Improve your overall well being with one of our services.

Why choose The Balanced Hand
for your massage therapy services?

My massage therapy techniques were developed with the intent to allow pain free movement of the human body in all ranges of motion for everyone from the blue collar office worker to the professional athlete. Having a background in exercise, competitive bodybuilding, and human movement enhancement as a certified personal trainer has assisted me in the development of manual techniques that utilize a combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, and Sports style massage therapy.

This combination of modalities allows me to cater and customize each treatment session to the needs of each individual client. Each of my clients receive focus not only on problematic areas but also in the necessary steps taken to help BALANCE the whole body. I believe in results based treatment plans that are sensible, measurable, and flexible (no pun intended). Although massage therapy services are not intended to be a replacement for being diagnosed and treated through a licensed healthcare provider, you will enjoy a number of benefits by working with a good quality massage therapist.

  • Pain Relief
  • Increased circulation
  • Improved mobility
  • Overall sense of wellness

Contact me for an assessment and first treatment so that you can come to experience a renewed quality of life through the enhancement of movement that comes from “The Balanced Hand”.

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Why choose The Balanced Hand
as your nutrition and meal planning consultant?

Proper nutrition is the most important factor in living a balanced lifestyle. With the ever changing needs of each individual it is of utmost importance to find the proper regimen to help each person reach their nutrition and weight loss goals, not only in fitness and exercise but in day to day living.

There are recommendations for healthy eating that serve as a basis for everyone, but we must keep in mind that every individual is different and has different nutritional needs. Not all “meal plans” will work for each person, the same way each person will not necessarily like the same meal plans. My aim is to find the proper balance between whole foods and supplementation in order to accommodate your lifestyle and help you achieve your personal balance on a daily basis.

Meal planning does not have to be difficult nor tedious. As we work together, you will probably find that proper meal planning and preparation will give you a sense of feeling more organized and better in control of your eating habits.


Why choose The Balanced Hand
to help you reach your fitness goals?

At times it can be intimidating taking the first step in working with a personal trainer. But, I ask you…What is your exercise, fitness, and strength goal? What is your daily, weekly, and monthly schedule? What is your level of expertise when it comes to exercise?

These are important questions to think about when making the decision to work with a personal trainer because they will determine what your training program looks like.

Customization is the key factor in achieving balance when it comes to personal training both with and without guided assistance. This is a lesson I have learned and implemented strongly throughout my 15 plus years as a fitness professional. My aim is to balance your goal with a realistic level of achievement to strive for.

Together we will create a regimen based on who you are, where you are, and where you want to be. We will also work to create a balance that makes fitness a part of your lifestyle and not just a one time target.

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