Read what some of our clients have to say

Amy C.

I needed some serious muscle therapy, and I got exactly that today. Highly skilled and technical in his craft, I seriously recommend D'Ghon.

Joycelyn K.

I have had an amazing experience Mr, Culpepper, he is dedicated and extremely professional.

Nicole S.

True relief and improved mobility by far the best!!

Cassea L.

Always a pleasure to have bodywork done by D'Ghon. Exceptional knowledge of the body and a thoughtful energy for those he's working on.

There's a huge difference between just getting a massage and getting a massage from someone who REALLY understands how the body moves/works. I was thoroughly impressed by how intuitive he was; knowing exactly when to let up or when to increase pressure. D'Ghon is very efficient with his technique and movements. He was able to release things that have been nagging issues for years where other therapists didn't even seem to scratch the surface. Can't say enough good things about his abilities.

Abibat D.

This is the first time I had a massage therapist that took their time to find out what my body needed and how my muscle reacted with movement. He doesn't attack your obvious spots, he works on them and makes you notice how you muscles moves and how it reacts. Felt relaxed afterwards. I'll definitely be coming back.