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First day of leg week knocked out at the bar! A few good pulls and a miss followed by short speed set. I know you see that furry #kangol. #deadlift #stronger #trainhard #bodybuilding #iphone7plus #nanbf #IFPA #npc #ifbb #vanwa #vancouverwashington ...

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LONG POST: During prep, Sunday would be my normal check in day so why not post "progress" pics....This is what 2 weeks of basic progress looks like. (BASIC meaning: I am being conscious of what I eat but I am not counting macros or measuring food. I don't have a set training regimen and I am not doing cardio consistently) In the pics you can see the subtle changes in definition and as much as I'd love to have a hardcore six pack and still be thick, it just doesn't happen for me when I'm sitting above 200lbs. If you think about fat loss from the perspective of "sheets" being removed from the entire body, you will have a better idea of how it really works. Some areas will always look better before others and most times that's a genetic deal more than anything else. A lot of times people have a high level of focus on wanting to get rid of fat on their______ (fill in the blank), and that's not how it works. That is what is known as spot reduction and the jury is still deliberating about the truths of spot reduction.* The one thing we do know is that a declining body fat percentage is a clear indication that you are on the way to the look you desire. (Shout out to @sanjanapdx for keeping me up to date on my body fat with the ®Inbody system at her Max Muscle Portland location) .. So here we have it.. a true unadulterated look at low level results based on low level involvement in the process of a 30 day challenge. Change can happen but it is always more drastic when structure is involved. When I posted my first set of progress pics I was not only putting myself on display and exposing the not so often talked about side of fitness when it comes to our physiques, but I was also making a pact with myself to be a real life example for my current clients and those to come. The first 30 days is done and now we move on to the next 30. More #progresspics coming in two weeks. *there is anecdotal evidence that shows that spot reduction is possible and it is still a forever growing point. #bodybuilding #iampossiblestrength #bodytransformation #nutrition #training ...

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We have been so busy taking care of our awesome clients that we have had very little down time to blog. We promise to bring you even more interesting content, soon!

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